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Areas of Practice


Eminent domain/Condemnation 

Our focus is on eminent domain assignments for both public agencies and private property. Dean Chapman and Michelle Patton both hold the Senior Right-of-Way (SR/WA) designation from the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), the industry’s leader in right of way services.

gas transmission line projects

In addition to the extensive study on gas transmission lines and how they affect market value, our firm has appraised numerous proposed acquisitions (fee, easement and TCE) throughout Central and Northern California. Many assignments include multiple properties along the same pipeline corridor.

possible adverse conditions

forest fire damage

Our work for CalFire has included estimating diminution in value to several properties in the Santa Cruz Mountains due to fire damage. Extensive research, analysis of market data and interviews helped support our opinions in mediation.



We have recently been retained to conduct an in-depth 800-page investigation to determine if gas transmission lines affect the market value of property in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Other consulting assignments have included feasibility studies, assistance and preparation of appraisal guidelines for development agreements and various appraisal consulting services for litigation purposes.

overhead transmission line projects

Use restrictions within an overhead easement are always taken into consideration. Our firm has prepared countless appraisal reports for the acquisition of property rights for overhead electrical transmission lines from agricultural, residential, commercial and special purpose properties.

public trail easement acquisitions

 We recently appraised several properties for a public trail which will become part of the Crest to Coast Trail that extends from the sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The project included extending the trail with a grade-separated overcrossing across a new state highway facility.

Special Purpose Properties

road widening/improvement projects

Have you ever driven through Brentwood on the new State Route 4 Bypass? Many of the properties along that route were appraised by this firm. Grade separations and on/off ramps provide for interesting before and after analyses.

encroachment issues

Fence line encroachments, tree root encroachments and roof line encroachments. You name it - we have appraised it. Special care is taken to account for the market perception of certain encroachments and how they might impact each property involved.

loss of parking


California High speed rail

Our firm has been retained by Caltrans Legal Dept. to appraise numerous properties impacted by the proposed California High Speed Rail project. We have appraised commercial, industrial and agricultural properties in Merced, Tulare, Fresno, Kings and Kern Counties.